Someone Like You

Such an Adele phase for me right now. Not sure why, but I’ve really gotten into her lately. I guess “Hello” got to my head after hearing it one too many times on the radio at work.

2015 is really rushing away, and it’s hard to think about the fact that it’s merely 3 days ’til Christmas. It doesn’t really feel like it. I’m not sure why.

Gladly, I’m done with all my giftshopping and the only problem I really have left now, beside the big vegetable soup that is Australia, is my newest CD purchase. I couldn’t decide whether to go for “Blood of the Saints” by Powerwolf or “Gods and Generals” by Civil War, so I went for both.

Only to be greeted by “Blood of the Saints” being “need to import”. Which means, I will probably never see that album. Or perhaps in four months, like I did with that Firewind album that mysteriously appeared while I was at Sweden Rock Festival.

// Sara

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