If we look away from all the boring things that is work and school and all the adultish must, I actually went up a little, LITTLE earlier than usual today in order to buy some very, very important thing.

SlipKnot tickets.

You see, being a Outside The 9 member, you get a pre-sale code (a code SlipKnot has a tendency to give out publicly on FB anyway later on) which you can use to get tickets before everyone else that hasn’t bothered to sign up for the maillist that is OT9. So, even if I got up early, it was quite casually. So casually I even forgot it for a while until a picture of the band popped up on my dash and I was like “Oh. Right.”.


Said and done, tickets are in box, and hotels are booked for literally every show we have left this year, even though we currently only hold tickets for Nightwish and Mötley Crüe, but now we don’t have to worry about hotels or buses or anything like that, we can for now focus only on Australia, which is quite a relief. I have a few more buses and such to book, but it’s a no biggie.

Talking about the rest of the year. I wonder why it is, the fact that you always get tickets to the show who are the furthers away in time. We don’t hold HammerFall tickets, which is technically the next coming show, but we sure as hell hold tickets to SlipKnot and Toto.


// Sara

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