Sumussa Hämärän Aamun

So finally, after some time, I’ve gotten myself a new passport. It expired in September, and I had planned originally to get a new one first when I needed one, but then I all of a sudden planned a trip to Belgium and had to do it sooner rather than later. And then I forgot about it, and then I finally got to it and did it.

So, it feels weird in a way. Like the end of an era. I used the old passport the first time going to Finland in 2010 for Lordi’s releasegig for “Babez For Breakfast”. BABEZ! That is like three albums back from where we are now! I’ve seen so many places with this passport. This passport took me to Denmark, to the United Kingdom, to Spain, it has taken me to Germany, to Italy, to Belgium… And now we write a new chapter with the new passport.

The last ever trip I used my passport for was to the Noch Ein Bier fest in Germany. And the first trip with my new passport will be to Belgium and Wolfsnäschte tour + Delain’s tour.

So yeah, the end of an era and let’s start a new, five year era with lots of new countries, concerts and people.

pass 006

// Sara


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