School’s Out

If we look away from everything that is work, we had a, in my opinion, pretty good band rehearsals. We’re still working with Alice Cooper’s “I’m Eighteen”, and I’d say that we have done some major progress. Like, I know I miss out here and there, and that I screw up here and there in my playing, BUT, it feels smooth.

Like, I keep going, I don’t miss out on some of the fills, started to add some more fills slowly but surely, and it got pretty good. It finally feels good you know? That we are really getting somewhere. Slowly, but getting there.

And speaking of getting somewhere, I find it amusing, more amusing than anything, that we can’t ourselves set a date for when to come home from Australia, but after further inspection, I notice that the time period we have thought fits PERFECTLY between SlipKnot and Toto. It’s getting closer and closer to be confirmed now, that I’m actually getting a little scared. AUSTRALIA?! Haha.

So once again, thank you, Toto and SlipKnot, for making our decisions when we can’t.

// Sara

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