So, something I’ve been anticipating for some time, is SlipKnot’s return to Sweden. After they announced a few shows in Russia, I was more than certain they’d come along soon enough. And today, my friends, the dates were announced!

January 20th next year, city is Gothenburg and venue is the Scandinavium. 

As you can see, this makes somewhat of a clash with our original plans to go to Australia, as Lordi has their first show on January 23rd. So at first, we were superbummed, but figured we’d get tickets just in case rather than missing out and then missing out on Australia too, but then I took a closer look at the flights and I saw the light.

I saw that there was a possibility for us to do both SlipKnot and Australia. 

It will be tight as hell of course, but it’ll be such a rush. Running from place to place, once again. And thankfully, this has forced us to finally choose a date to when we will arrive in Australia. And, since Toto plays in February some time, so it kind of gives us a time frame to work with for Australia.

So, SlipKnot next year – I’ll be there, maybe I’ll see you there, and thanks to the Knot and Toto, we have finally started to get somewhere with our planning.

(Shot at Hovet, Stockholm in February 2015)

// Sara

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