The Fifth Guardian

When you wake up in the morning with a migrane and just want to tell the world to fuck off, it’s not a good start on the day.

And it doesn’t get any better when you need to do some of the WEEKENDS WORK on the ordinary workday when you have other work to do. But the only thing you can do, is to push through it, curse a bit to yourself, but on “The Quantum Enigma” which is my current jam and just do it. And then apply for a few more jobs.

It’s not really that I need more jobs, more that I want that “perfect” job, and I’m getting closer. I guess we will see what happens.

I have to apologize for all these nonsense I’ve been writing lately, I should really be writing more about things that matters – such as music. I promised you to write about Leaves’ Eyes a few days ago, and I promise you once again, it will come soon. I have a column on concerttickets coming up soon, and let’s not forget this weekends shenanigans – Korpiklaani!

I’ll get back on track soon. Just bear with me.

// Sara

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