The Essence of Silence


I randomly found this one earlier today. I’m almost ashamed to say I had completely forgotten I had it, so I was happily surprised when I found it on the dining table earlier today when looking for something completely different.

So, if you can’t really tell, this is a souvenir from Brighton from this spring when we were in the town for the very last gig of Tour Force One. It was the same city where ABBA had won Eurovision Song Contest on the very same date in 1979. What are the odds? Apparently pretty high.

It brought me back to the great times on the road. To Amaranthe in Belgium, Lordi in Spain (the ducks!) Steel Panther in Norway, Katy Perry, Lordi in Southampton, Steel Panther in Belgium and then wrapping it up with Lordi in Brighton. Which was one of the best gigs in my life. Or well, the gig wasn’t too good in all honesty, but everything surrounding it was.

But it’s not too long until I get back on the road. Starting it out very heavily with Korpiklaani this weekend, followed by W.A.S.P. A couple of weeks break and then I’ll head down in Europe for some shows, and then we have that one heavy weekend, or beginning of week, in November with Mötley Crüe’s final gig in Sweden ever. And so on.

And not to talk about next years adventures. Three new countries in three months, and one of these are out of Europe.

That, my friends, will be something special. Same bands, but new friends, and new experiences.

// Sara

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