The Quantum Enigma

The worst thing when you finally have a day off from all your jobs is the fact that you on the one side, don’t wanna do anything. You plan to take it easy, to rest, to take some well-deserved time off.

And on the other hand, you also plan small things you are going to do, like I planned to do the review of Leaves’ Eyes, but of course, this is not how life works. Or not how my mind works.

When I have nothing to do, there’s a mixture of feelings between relief, but also stress. Relief that today is a Do-Nothing-Day, but also stress because how, how should I spend these precious little hours I have to spare before the hard working week begins?

I always start my Sundays with sleeping in. Because I work nights, and I don’t like to waste all Saturday sleeping, so that’s the first thing I do. But preferably no longer than like 11. Except today, because I slept in until like 13. I had planned to apply for a few jobs – yes, a few extra jobs but it will be the final hours to make that cash for Australia.

But of course, none of this gets done because it’s so much you have to do so all you can do is stare at the clock and watch the time pass. You fight with your friends because you are so angry with yourself for not doing anything, and by being angry at yourself for not getting anything done, you are also consuming and wasting even more time.

So, all in all. I find myself, again, applying for the jobs at midnight and the review, well I see no traces of it. Fighting with people, doing things I shouldn’t. I hate days off.

But you know, Korpiklaani in a few days could be fun.

// Sara

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