My second calm day in what feels like forever. Tomorrow is Sunday, my last calm day before the storm. And next week are rather full, I must say. I start up on my new job, then I work on my third job, I also work on my first job, and then I’ll wrap this entire week up with Korpiklaani and stablework.

I’ll literally have something to do every single day next week, but I also want people to know this. To know, and to see, how hard we work. How much we work. How we’re not afraid of ANYTHING to get what we want, and what we want right now is Australia without having to compromise with already planned gigs. I wouldn’t mind having some nice clothes on top of that, but priority number one is to make sure and manage all the upcoming concerts, as well as Australia.

Which reminds me. I should go and get my passport sorted out. Serious shit, and all.

But now, “American Horror Story” with Epica on low volume in the background. I’ll try to give you Leaves Eyes review tomorrow. But I also need to set up my new job.

Ahh, work work work. Oh, it’s the 9th anniversary from when I saw Sabaton and Lordi live for the first time.

// Sara

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