Keep It Up All Night

First calm day in perhaps forever? Yes. It’s the calm before the storm, more or less. I have a problem with the job I’m starting tomorrow though, I guess we’ll see tomorrow if I can get it solved or not. Great start otherwise…

Talking about a start, Reckless Love has just released their first single of their upcoming album, “Keep It Up All Night”

Well, listen for yourself. I must admit I really, really like. It’s still a bit heavy (compare to songs as ‘Beautiful Bomb’ and ‘Romance’, which is like bubblegum rock) but it has got that extremely catchy melody that no other band today do better than them. Seriously, I haven’t heard a band who is so spot on with always, always writing catchy songs like this.

I wasn’t a too big fan of “Spirit”, so I really hope the next album will be in the traces of “Animal Attraction”, but as long as the album is at least remotely close to this song, it’ll be a killer. I guess that is what fell flat with “Spirit” – they released “Night on Fire” and then the rest of album didn’t manager to keep up with that.

God, I’m really looking forward.

// Sara

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