Zero to Hero

And it seems the productive days never stops! I went to the start up for my new job today, or, my second new job, and I must admit, it went better than I thought it would. I actually think I’ll really like it here.

However, this job will consume all my time, not because it actually does, but because I will make it do so. I only have a few months until I need to have made a lot of money – because let me tell you, I’m starting from scratch, from zero with this, which makes the title a bit more fitting than I originally thought it would.

I’ll go from zero to hero, but not in 18 years, rather in three months. This will happen. This will be possible.

But first of all, I’ll take a calm weekend (not really, got a lot of work to do) and try to pack for Korpiklaani. And even more important, what to wear for W.A.S.P? What do you even wear for W.A.S.P?

Suggestions, anyone?

// Sara

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