Chemical Insomnia

Calming down after another hectic day with Epica’s most recent release, “The Quantum Enigma”. I really need to pick up more albums by Epica, seriously, they are better than I ever thought they’d be. Or perhaps it’s more me who are, at last, discovering this genre.

Started out early in the morning to a wake up call telling me I got one of the jobs I applied for, so tomorrow will be a start up for it, and right after that I headed off to the office of one of my other jobs to start that one, and before you guys ask; I have four jobs that I work on continually, one job where I work on a mission basis, and two jobs where I’m a stand-in if someone gets sick. You do the math yourselves on how many jobs that is.

Right after this, walk, then downtown to fix a mission and then to do perhaps the most important thing of the entire day:



Korpiklaani in Stockholm and W.A.S.P here in town. It feels so good to finally start getting a hand on all the tickets, to actually have it confirmed and not having to worry about it.

I wrapped the evening up with spending some time at my primary work, and now I find myself here, with a cup of chamomile tea and “The Quantum Enigma” calming down a bit after a day that DID manage to get more intense than the one yesterday.

But you know what? I like it.

// Sara

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