I spent most of my day today cleaning out my wardrobe. And what I mean by this, is that I take out all the clothes clean it with floor cleaner, and then I put shit back in. All was good until I reached the band-shirt section.

Because seriously, that is the one that takes the most time. To start with, I was surprised to see how many shirts would actually come out of that. No matter how much I threw around shirts, they seemed to crow like dandelions. Cleaned it out, and then I started putting all the things back again… Which is a smaller hell.

First of all, you need to basically sort them – unisex and female, as far as fits go. And if I have a certainly customized piece, I usually put it aside as well. It’s important to sort after fitting, so you know where to grab a tight shirt and where to grab a shirt that is so big you can live in it.

After this you fold them, roll them up – so you see what print it is, and what size the shirt is. And then it’s time to stack them. And this my friends, is the tricky part.

And the only reason it’s actually tricky, is because I had more shirts incoming that had to be pressed down in an already full drawer. But after twisting, pressing, pushing and some headbanging to Butcher Babies, I found myself getting all the shirts down.

I’m just waiting for the day when I can have an entire wardrobe with only bandshirts, and sort them by bandname instead. Because yes, I got all the shirts down… but when I was going to get a shirt a little later, I failed to find any I wanted to wear, because presumably, I managed to put all my faves in the bottom…


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