Opium of the People

So, today was a day I had to start out pretty early to make my very messy room a little bit less messy, since I was getting royal visit. Like I told you, Paula arrived yesterday, to Arvika, and today was the day they’d come to me, to make thing easier for tomorrow journey to Liseberg and Gothenburg.

They came here around 6, and right after that we headed downtown for our reservation at Heaven & Hell, to have a bit of a late birthday dinner. It was pretty nice – I thought it was gonna be a lot of people, but we had the entire balcony to ourselves. Michelle had a burger and Paula and I had a shrimp sandwich each.

(Paula is photobombing)


It was also at this point I got my first birthdaygift from Paula, which was “Volume 3: Subliminal Verses” on vinyl. So fucking awesome! Thank you Paula!


After this, we headed over to the grocery store to pick up stuff for tomorrow, and then I got to work. Got home at 3am, and went straight to bed to prepare for tomorrow endeavors.

// Sara


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