I Wanna Be Somebody

So, it’s been a long day. Went up earlier than I usually do, and started it all out with having to get a fucking taxi. Because you see, in the summertime, Karlstad thinks it’s a great idea to have all, ALL their buses go on the same time rather than trying to divide them a bit. So of course, by the time I arrived, the next 20 minute bus would leave in 20 mins, meaning, I’d miss the train.

So I had to take a taxi. Fine enough, made it to the train, got on the train, walked to the center and had my interview. The interview was fine, I think. Michelle came and picked me up right afterwards and I got myself some security pins. So many festival bracelets has disappeared I’m stating to feel scared about them accidentally being thrown away. So now I’ll nail them with safety pins.

We picked up Paula at the trainstation, went and bought food and had dinner while watching my friends Idol audition and catching up on everything and nothing. Went out to the horses, got some candy and did some more catching up.

It was a fun night, ending with me having to pull out more money than necessary for the trainticket since the machine wouldn’t accept my Värmlandstrafikskort as payment despite having three times the needed money. Thank you, VTAB. Thank you.

Got home and I thought about getting to bed early but Trolljägarna was on, so late night was a thing. Fucking shit. I don’t wanna be up late.

// Sara

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