We got up fairly early today to leave for Gothenburg as early as possible with me having worked until 3 am, which worked… as it always works for us. I think we left the place around 11 or so, or even later since we stopped to pick up some breakfast. But the most important thing in the end is the fact we got rolling either way.


Finally we reached Gothenburg, and because of some random metal band being there having a gig that very night, it was close to impossible to find a parking spot. I swear to God, we probably looked around for about an hour (!!) before we found a hard to get, but good spot very close to Liseberg, and after that, we could FINALLY enter the park. And the first thing we did was of course to ride Kållerado.

Since it was a warm and nice summer day, the park was pretty crowded, so we spent most time in the gambling section during the day, doing a few rides here and there and waiting for it to thin out.

And as some of you may know, I’m pretty good with the claw. But seriously, what happened this day was beyond me.

So, they had all these Frozen containers with Frozen plushes, and I saw one Olaf plush that I thought could work, but I wasn’t convinced, but I’d give it a try. Rather give it a try than not at all you know? So basically, this is what goes down:

The claw grabs around Olafs butt. Then glides off the butt. MIRACULOUSLY GRABS ONTO ONE OF THE LEGS.

MANAGES TO HANG ON TO THIS LEG. I was so sure it would lose it when bouncing against the window


And this is the story of how I got an unexpected Olaf. I mean, HOLY HELL. I’ve seen smaller plushes being beaten out of the claw for less than that, but for some reason, God only know why, I was supposed to get an Olaf that night.

When night had fallen upon us, and we headed for Kållerado, we did one stop at the Candy wheel, figured I’d take a shot at it just for the sake of it, and randomly chose some numbers… AND WOUND UP WINNING. After all these years, I have finally won a big bag of Gott&Blandat. Who would have thought.

We wrapped up the night with riding Kållerado twice in a heartbeat, having our own boat at the final act riding it with out eyes closed. I’m telling you, it did indeed enhance the ride! One last ride at Hanghai with the ride operator singing serenades to the waiting people (I love these kind of employees).

Oh. We also did a ride up the Liseberg-wheel where I unwrapped one more gift from Paula. On the way to Liseberg I had gotten a few gifts from Michelle – “Monsterman” DVD and a bowl and candy.

We left Liseberg right at closing hours and had a good ride home, in which, for a change, I slept the most.

It was a fantastic days with fantastic friends. Thank you both!


Birthday presents: Nightwish ticket, Bowl + Candy and Monsterman from Michelle, Gina Tricot giftcard from Paula


My many wins. Olaf, a pig, a Willy, a frog, a chicken, a rhino, Elsa and the candy. Good day!

// Sara


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