Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Hm. It’s been a Hanoi Rocks themed evening, which is why I chose the title I did, despite it not being very fitting considering it was an… eventful day, I guess you could say.

Basically, what we did today is that we signed the lease to our rehearsal room. Band is a thing, and it’s starting for real next week. It’s gonna be SO. MUCH. FUN. to finally start. To get at it. AT LAST.

After the meeting Michelle and I went in to celebrate with some cheap McDonalds ice-cream because we are now struggling musicians (just kidding) and talked about everything from bandnames to irritating Lordi fans. Pretty normal day, with other words.

Now I’m just mentally preparing for the weekend. Dinner with the most stupid people you can ever imagine meeting (Michelle and Paula) then one day at Liseberg with these people (how will I survive?) but it will be fantastic. I’m sure of it.

For now, I’m gonna fix my eyebrows. I need to.

// Sara

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