Dancing On The Razors Edge

For the first time for this semester, and for the first time in forever as it feels, I’ve actually been to the stable. Had Donna, also known as the best horse in the world, and I guess it went ok. At least for what I expected it to be.

But what I really was going to tell you about, was the late birthday gifts. Like I told you, some of the gifts were delayed because CDON is being CDON sometimes, and sometimes, things get delayed. It’s not often this happens, but it happened this time.

So what was this delayed gift? It was a book!

More to be exact, this book:

Bild 2015-08-19 kl. 00.02

“Girl in a Band” a memoir about Kim Gordon, singer and bassplayer of Sonic Youth. I really look forward to get into it, but I need to finish some school books first. Don’t you just love school.

// Sara

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