Spent most of the days at Jennie’s actually. We haven’t seen each other in like forever, even though the main reason I got here was to get opinions on new clothes and shoes and to see new cute kittens, but all in all, it’s actually very nice to just sit down, chillax and catch up on things. Because like I said, we haven’t seen each other in like FOREVER, so it’s all good.

I was unsure at first if I should really keep both pair of shoes, but I eventually decided I’d do so, because I have a job interview or two, so it should be all fine. But I also need to save up for Australia, in case THAT thing happens, and I need to save up for Ireland and for everything else. But clooothes. And shows. And trips. And what about that long list, in complete list, of CDs I wanna buy?

Welcome, to my head people. This is what it is inside of it. Jesus christ. I’m just gonna keep grilling marshmallows now and eat crisps and enjoy whatever music Jennie’s playing and Jonny’s phonecall.

// Sara

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