House of Ghosts

The blues after a fulfilling festivalsummer and some concerts are really starting to hit in pretty deep, especially since it’s a good few weeks left until we get on the road again, but this time around it will be a bit more scattered and not as far away.

But you know, you need some time to take a break. And I’m not talking about resting or things like that, it’s financially you need to bounce back. So I guess it’s a good thing.

To cure these very, very depressing feelings I’ll put on a Toto vinyl and catch up on my favorite Phineas&Ferb fanfic. After not being updated for over a year, I’m now many many chapters behind.

But that, will happen tomorrow. I now need to go to bed, because I start work in three hours and I prefer to sleep a bit before I go to work (shocker!)

// Sara


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