I Wish

A song by all female band Drain currently going through my speakers as I try to update my iPod.

Ever since the little incident I had where about 300 scrobblings wouldn’t happen because they expired, I try to keep my iPods fairly updated, especially now when I listen to music for about two hours straight every morning thanks to work.

With that said… It’s my birthday today! One whole year older, 24 now, and nothing has absolutely changed, just as usual. It was a quiet day, spent by sitting outside in the garden playing The Sims and eating more candy than I should, doing some gift to myself shopping with the vouchers I got from Nelly and CDON…. and playing more The Sims. Anna has gotten so far, but I’ll tell you all about it in another entry.


Later in the day we had a small celebration, me and my parents and I got a few gifts from them. From my father I got a certain amount of money, which is sort of his standard. From my mother, it was a different story.

First of all, I got a pair of handmade crochet gloves featuring a skull on them. Secondly, a cactus, which I actually got earlier in the day now that I think about it. A portable harddrive where I, at last, can store all my photos and The Sims games for back up. Two bowls made out of old vinyls – one bigger, one smaller and a Stone Sour album, “House of Gold and Bones pt 1” to be more exact!



Really nice things I must say, much appreciated!

The rest of the evening was spent playing more The Sims. I gave The Sims 3 a shot, and finally took Elsa scuba diving, but I lost patience very quickly. I really need to go in with the mindset of playing it, or else I’ll just be too disturbed by how slow it is and how bad the graphics are compared to The Sims 4.

// Sara


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