Fast Love

Today was the day Anna finally reached the top of the Astronaut / Space Guardian career. This this said, she has now completed TWO full careers (Science being the first one for those of you who hasn’t kept up) and now this. My plan is, like stated before, to go through all of the careers, so this is just the start.

After working a day or two in her new position, I chose my new career for her. It was a tough choice I must admit, but looking at schedules, I eventually decided I’d go with a criminal career. I had originally planned to go with a culinary career, but since they weren’t working on Thursday I decided against it. I wanna get on it as soon as possible, and on her first day of work she managed to get promoted.

I have a slight feeling this criminal career will move fast. Like, really fast.

My next plans for her house is to either extend the actual building, the more skills and such she obtains the bigger space she needs, but I wanna wait until I have some of the stuff and game packs, to make sure I really have EVERYTHING I’ll need. I really can’t wait.

// Sara

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