Bana väg, låt ske det som sker

Guess what I, finally, made up my mind about today?



I had been interested in the show ever since I saw her tourplan, but since I was unsure at the time if I’d be in Germany or not, I wasn’t sure. Obviously, I’m not there, so it became more and more certain. And then, like, very last minute, I asked Emelie if she wanted to join and said and done – here we are with our tickets to see Annika Herlitz, the Swedish voice of Elsa for those of you who are unaware.

I’m not sure at all as in what to expect of the show. It’s promoted as a “fantastic family show” put on by Annika, and I know she performs some of the “Frozen” songs live, so I guess we will see what it actually is.

What I am certain about, is that I’ll be hearing good songs sung with an amazing voice.

// Sara

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