Spent most of my free time today playing The Sims. It’s kinda nice you know – between working with the newspapers and applying for new jobs, to take some “time off” playing my most loved games.

To give you a bit of an update, Anna has finally quit her job at the science lab, not sure if I told you, but she did. She’s started a career within space, rocket scientist, to keep her on the same place she was already.

Right now I’m working on making her the Supersim Rosalie was supposed to become, but didn’t because I didn’t think too far and married her and had children. So my plan for Anna is to go through ALL the careers in order to unlock all the items but also to actually go through them all to know what it’s all about.

Eventually, on the way, she will also fill ALL the skills. She has currently succeeded in programming, gaming and gardening, and as we speak, she’s filling up on her violin skills. Since Excersice is her daily task, I’ll let her slowly improve in it while fixing the daily task. She’s also at nine as far as cooking goes, but that is also something she improves when cooking and watching TV when she’s bored.

She’s currently level 6 in her work as well, so it’s a progress but a pretty slow one since she only works every second day. Gaah. I wish it went a bit faster!

// Sara

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