Ett Slag Färgat Rött

You know, when working with delivering newspapers, I get the perfect opportunity to listen through albums properly without being able to change. Or, I can change, but not as much as if I just walked around and listened to music. I usually try to go over albums I don’t listen to as often, in an attempt to give them a fair shot, but sometimes I just relive old goodies.

Like today, when I went over Sabaton. I went over “The Art of War”, “Attero Dominatus” and “Carolus Rex” (there’s only so many albums you manage to go through on two hours) and something that struck me that I haven’t really given much thought before…. is how similar some of their songs really is.

Like when I tried to sleep later that morning and I had “40:1” echoing in my head, which eventually merged together with “1648” off “Carolus”. And the more you think about it, the more you realize that some of their songs are indeed the same.

Wig Wam would have this thing where every album was an evolvement – “A Rock n Roll Girl Like You” was an evolvment of “Mine All Mine” and was evolved to “Rocket Through My Heart” and so on, but they were never so similar it felt like they took the music and slapped new lyrics on top of that. Maybe they’re out of ideas. Huh.

Thomas had already technically enlightnend me on this fact, but I hadn’t realized ’til now. Huh. Would you know.

// Sara

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