Today has consisted mostly of applying for jobs and packing for Röjet. Yes, it’s that time of year again when most of my time after Skogsröjet will be filled of jobapplications. It always helps that I already have my job at the nightclubs, but need more to nurture a lifestyle like this. Good thing I’m not too picky.

With that said, I am very picky with my packing. I think this whole festival season has drained me, or possibly I’m looking far too much forward to other concerts to even try to focus on Skogsröjet. I’m trying to figure out what I want to wear and what to bring, which wouldn’t need to be too much since I’ll be gone two days only, or well, three, but still.

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe the fact that it’s pouring down here at home makes it hard to come up with cool outfits that fits warm weather.

And my black pants just broke. So I don’t even have my favorite pants anymore. Remind me to go to the store tomorrow to see if they have new ones.

// Sara

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