My Heart Will Go On

Sometimes, strange things happens.

And as I sit here and listen to the Titanic theme on repeat, I can’t help but to remember that our trip to Gelsenkirchen and Noch Ein Bier held the theme “Titanic”, and I’m going to explain to you why.

A few days, or even the day before we set off to leave, I wound up watching “Titanic” on television, because, well it aired and once I start glancing on a movie I can’t stop watching it.

When I got on Twitter the next day, the first thing I read is Madlen writing “I had a dream I was on Titanic”. And I was like DUDE, I LITERALLY JUST WATCHED TITANIC. Where Michelle pitches in she had an incident with icecubes. And we swore that day that we were glad none of us were going to Germany by ship.

When we were going to go pick up Michelle at the trainstation on Friday, I saw a necklace that resembled the very necklace Rose wore in the movie, and dragged Madlen with me to check it out, and I said it was VERY identical to the one in the movie, almost plagiarism, when she pointed out the necklace was indeed called – “Titanic”.

“Titanic” is with other words following us, leaving perhaps a curse upon us. 

I say no one of us should go on a ship for the next 300 years.

It’s strange sometimes, how things like this happens sometimes.

// Sara

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