Guess what arrived on my doorstep?


My iPod! All the way from Gelsenkirchen. Because of this, I WILL announce InterCityHotel Gelsenkirchen the best hotel EVER, for their service-mindness about sending this to me. Lovely! I love them.

But, despite this good thing, the day has been a mess. I went down to HM to find a new pair of black high waisted jeans but since it ain’t the latest fashion, this was hard do. I found one which has my waist size, but are WAAAY too long in the legs, but at least that’s fixable. I came home with about five pairs, to try around with and eventually keep two (one for wear, and one for work).

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for Skogsröjet, and as I might have told you, I really don’t feel in the mood for it, but at least I’ve finally gotten around to packing so hopefully it feels better once I’m there. I guess I’ll see.

So, see you in a few days then!

// Sara

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