Viinamäen Mies

Technically, Noch Ein Bier and the whole little trip to Gelsenkirchen is over and done by now, but I figured I’d tell you a little about the shopping and pre-happenings before the show. I didn’t wanna cram the concert blog with all the things we did before, as it’s irrelevant, but in lack of better things to blog about, why not bring it up?

We started our day at Primark, as it was in that very store I had found the raincoat I wanted, or, parkas, as it’s called. To make it even more convenient, you could fold it into a pocket, like a little bag, which makes it perfect for festivals. The reason I didn’t get one immediatley yesterday is because I couldn’t decide on pattern. The first thing that had caught my eye was a white one with stars, but I eventually fell for the one with the London buildings outline.


Aside this gem, I also got two everyday tanktops, one in bright pink and one in blue. I need to fill up my stock on tanks, and I want it in different colors. And the prices on Primark are a practical steal.


on top of this, I got a mascara (since I managed to forget mine at home, how the heck?) and a bundle of hairties. You can never have too many hairties, I’m telling you.

We then continued on to NewYorker, where I could finally lay my hands on the pyjama bottoms I’ve looked at for years. Finally they are in my possession! The hairties from Primark is featured in the picture.


And of course, perhaps the most important piece of them all – the festivalshirt. I was lucky enough to get the very very last one (at least in that merchtent) of the festivalshirt featuring the bands on the back. So you could say, I’m very, very happy.


Well, that was all really! Then it started to rain and we bought Subway and you know the drill. Not perhaps the most interesting shopping done, but what can you do when your money is placed more on the travel than the material stuff?

// Sara

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