Lejonet Från Norden

We went to bed to late and got up too soon. I remember I got so pissed off by all the ambulances I actually got up (in my sleep?) to close the window to shut out the noise, and I told Michelle to shut up for some reason. Oh dear.

We got up around 9 and gladly found out the check out was around noon. And here’s the funny thing. I did my “night-time, day-time!” thing with the curtains, and when doing “DAYTIME!” we noticed that it was sunny outside. Like, sunny, hot, barely a cloud in the sky. And dead hot. Just as it was on Friday. It’s like the weather gods of Gelsenkirchen hates Sabaton, or possibly, us.

Some of our clothes were still soaking since last night, so I did what I usually do when I want things dried quickly – I put them up in the open sun. I suggested to Michelle she put her wet shoes there as well. Thanks for that though, so we could actually, dry our shit.


The clock struck closer to twelwe, and even though we felt we hadn’t forgotten anything, we did one last check and left the hotel room. In the lobby we ran into a pair of Swedes, funnily enough, and after that we set off into Gelsenkirchen’s centra looking for a coffeeshop, and found this adorable ice cream place.

So that’s how we spent a good hour or so. Sitting there, eating ice cream, chasing off a wasp, talking and laughing and being sad we soon had to leave. I even made my own ice cream out of the little cone we got with our ice creams.


We headed back to the trainstation to get tickets and do the final waiting, and it’s interesting when events like this has taken place, because it’s like, for one day, a majority of the population are the same as you. We ran into so many Noch Ein Bier people, and I guess this is what I love so much about specific events. That you know.. I SEE YOU kind of thing, I see where you were, because I was there too! Something only we share and all of that.

We had track 5, Madlen track 6, so we eventually had to go to our tracks and do a heartfelt good bye with a “HÖR VÅRT KRIGSROP NOCH EIN BIER!” and then, when reaching our tracks, we talked over the rails. Such a…. image. So close, but also so far. Our trained arrived before hers, and we kept waving to her until her train also arrived and we left.

And only now, do I realize I forgot my small iPod at the hotel.

After a few phone calls, bag searches and even more calls later, the hotel staff of InterCityHotel Gelsenkirchen had found my iPod and has said they’ll send it. I guess we will see what happens, but I’m so relieved.

The first thing we did when we got inside the security check at the airport, was to get me new headphones. Or at least try to. The machine took the money, but gave me no goods. We got some help from the tax-free shop, but nothing happened. We’ll see what Saturn Express will say and do about it, as we are in contact with them now, but at that point we had to rush to the flight.

The flight got a little bit delayed, but we still made it back in time. Once in Copenhagen we decided to eat, but it wound up being us getting crisps and soft drinks. Because that is totally food, okay?

The plane to Stockholm was delayed. It was supposed to leave at 19, but we didn’t even board until 19.20. As long as the delay didn’t exceed 2 hours, we would be good. And it didn’t. We landed in Sweden 20 minutes later than expected, which was no problem for us. And it got even better when we didn’t even have to wait for our luggage, it just showed up directly.

We headed to MAX for some late dinner and then went out to wait for the bus. And that was a disaster.

First of all, the Gothenburg bus had stopped too soon on the stop, so the Västerås bus couldn’t stop there. After he went forward a bit, the Västerås bus tried to squeeze in, and sadly hit the Uppsala bus, which COULD HAVE BACKED OFF. No, the busdriver in the UL bus decided to just stand there, even though he had nothing behind him. He could have backed a bit to let in the Västerås bus.

After a little fighting, we finally got on the bus and managed to get on the bus trip home.

This whole trip has been good. In February it all looked pretty dark, and I was worried as to how this trip would actually turn out. But thanks to my ladies – Madlen and Michelle, this became one of all the amazing trips we do over and over again. Can’t wait to do it again.


“night-time….. DAY TIME! night time….. DAY TIME!! night time…. DAY TIME!!!”

// Sara

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