The Quantum Enigma

So, today has been all about the traveling, and it started fairly early, already at 9.50 in the morning when I boarded one of Swebus’ newest buses that would take me to Västerås, where I had a connecting bus to Stockholm.

So, these new buses are rather fancy, if you ask me. More legspace, like, a lot, so I could even sit and use my computer without having to worry about scratching it, change my comfort or the comfort of my shotgun passenger. The seats are a bit wider than they used to be, and they are clad in leather and soft fabric. They are so comfortable! The windows are toned too.



Instead of multiple electric outlets, they now have two outlets for USB cables for phone charging, and have one power outlet placed under the seats. The last row in the bus is now a three seats rather than two two seats, and they have also placed the door in the back, which confused me when I was gonna get off and walked to the middle and was like “where’s the door? Oh.. right..” How awesome is that.


If we look past the whiny woman behind me, both of my bustrips, which both happened to be in new buses, were pleasant.

Once at the airport, everything went fairly smoothly. I traveled with my second favorite air company, SAS, and the trip itself was pretty good, even if we got a bit late because of reasons. When I got my luggage, I noticed my dear Aurora got lost on the way. Rest in Peace, sweetheart. Once here, I ran to the train and got on…

And that’s the thing I don’t like about German trains, or at least the one thing I like about this particular one, is the lack of… “luggage wardrobes”, if you like, where you can put bigger luggages. It’s not that I don’t trust that your overhead shelf will carry it, it’s more that people are gonna be killed when I try to take it down.

Gladly, my bag is awesome, so after finding a spot in a corner, the bag served pretty good as a seat. Didn’t realize it could actually hold all of me up, but it could. Fucking awesome. I had one minor train change and had originally freaked out about that the DB farhkarten stations told me there would be a delay, but apparently, not for my train. Awesome. So smoothly from here.


Once in Gelsenkirchen I met up with Madlen and we got to the hotel and now we’ve spent most of the evening catching up on everything and nothing, and to our great happiness they had actually put in a third bed, so bringing my mattress wasn’t necessary! How awesome is that?

Now, seeing as it’s very late, we are gonna go to bed. I’ll tell you more about the hotel tomorrow!

// Sara

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