To Hell and Back

So, I promised you I’d tell you a bit about our hotel today. We’re staying at InterCityHotel Gelsenkirchen, which is located a few minutes only away from the rail station. It’s a pretty average hotel if you ask me, pretty cheap (320 euros for three people for three nights) at least for being so central. It’s very close to restaurants, supermarkets and the shopping street. It’s like Hotel Micro, but in Gelsenkirchen. We’re staying at the fourth floor, so we have quite the view! At least it’s a nice view over the road down there.


And oh, do you see the ambulance? Well, there are a million ambulances passing everyday. I don’t think I need to set an alarm, I’ll wake up by the ambulances.

Our room is an average double room – not too big, not too small and one queen size bed. I had actually brought my air mattress, but gladly, they had to our surprise put in an extra bed for me. It said in the ad on that they’d charge extra, but apparently not! The bathroom is pretty nice too.

The standard are a bit better than we are used to, so we really like this room. It has one big window you can open in several directions and a place to put clothes. Nice.


So, now that I’ve told you a bit about the hotel we are staying at, I’ll tell you what we did today.  First of all, we went to the train station to meet up with Michelle and ditch her stuff at the hotel and then discovering the shopping life of Gelsenkirchen. We got to visit one of my favorite stores ever, Tally Weijl, New Yorker, Primark and a few other stores. No purchases were made today, because I really need to think about a few items, but I found a real nice rain coat I intend to get tomorrow, so all is good! There’s a few other items I’m thinking about as well.


We got back to the hotel to party and talk and whatnot before going on the chase for a pizzeria, which was harder done than said. The first two (!!) pizzerias we went to had closed for several reasons, so we really were all over the central, but I guess it was good in a way, because we got to see some parts that we wouldn’t else, like the music pub and the church.


We ordered our pizzas, went home to the room to eat and talk and listen to Sabaton and just generally warming up for tomorrow. I even tried my hair – headbanged out the window giving the Germans a little show, and I’m so pleased. Tomorrow is going to be awesome.

// Sara

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