And with all of that said, I’ve finally wrapped up packing for Noch Ein Bier, and not only my “normal” luggage, but also my hand luggage. As soon as I’m done writing this entry I intend to shut down the computer and pack it down together with everything else.

So basically, for the first time in forever, I’m actually done on time. Who would ever have thought. Since we are three people staying in one double room, I’m bringing my fantastic mattress with me to have something super comfortable to sleep on, as well as two of my favorite blankets and a super comfortable pillow. The second part of my bag is full of everything needed – clothes, snacks, hygiene products and Antoine’s toothpaste that he forgot.


My black little makeup bag may be the absolute best thing that I have ever gotten recently, since I can really place things. I think that is one of the major differences. This time I actually took time to now just throw everything down in either bags, I actually placed it all very carefully so there’d be no mess and more space.

I’m just gonna pack down a bottle of Helosan, some bobby pins and make up my mind about what book I wanna start on now that I’m done with “Seven Deadly Sins” by Corey Taylor. And if I should bring a third blanket or not.

Decisions, Decisions, but for now, I’m going to enjoy my glass of coke and finish listening to “Noita” and then read the last chapter in Seven Deadly Sins before bedtime. Tomorrow – Germany.

// Sara

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