Väsby Rock Festival 2015 – Saturday

We got up fairly early today. Only to hear the sound of the rain on the tent. And the worst part with that, isn’t that it’s raining. I’ve been to enough festivals to not care about that, no, the biggest problem is the fact that it’s SO COSY in the tent. When you hear the raindrop drip down and it’s a pretty nice temperature – not very hot, not too cold. And since I’m already a somewhat lazy person… you get it.

After a little while we finally dragged ourselves out of bed and went down to the festival area to catch Adrenaline Rush.

Adrenaline Rush

It was a rather small bunch of people who had found their way to the stage were Adrenaline Rush was to perform, but I guess this is a fairly common thing for early gigs. Despite the bad turn out, the band played with good energy and put on a nice show. I look forward to see them again some day!



We were a bit unsure about what to do next, and therefore decided to stay for Dalton as well, because, why not?

They were good. The sun had finally come out, and a few more people had found their way to the area and it was a good vibe in the audience. They talked a lot about the old days, and for the last song they invited Chris Laney on stage to perform KISS’s “Lick it Up” with them.

Thanks guys, it was fun!


After Dalton we went back to the camp and start packing things up a bit, calling different pizzerias before going back to the festival to catch Work of Art.

Work of Art

So, there was many reasons why we end up seeing this band. First of all, Ted Poley could not stop talking about them on stage last night, which made me curios. So when we laid in the tent after Dalton, I decided to read a bit about them in the program. Turns out this is the band of Lars Säfsund, one of my favorit voice actors. And all of a sudden, my excitement went up to a hundred.

And this, is the point where I thank God for Ted Poley, and curse myself for never checking out the bands playing properly. Because they were really good.

Like, insanely good. I’ve found myself a new band. And it was so fun to see Lars in action. God, this was perfect.


After Work of Art we did a quick run to the car to let my phone charge for a moment and then hitting up Eclipse.


So basically, Eclipse is half of Ammunition. Featuring Erik on vocals and Robban or drums, it’s as close as it gets. It was a big crowd and a good feeling, and the band sure delivered.

After Eclipse, we headed off to Upplands Väsby centra to catch something to eat. The food was rather expensive at the festival, so we decided to get some outside. We had a good time sitting in a park, eating pizza and watching wild rabbits running around the street. I love bunbuns.

When it started to get colder we sat in the car for a while to talk and laugh and what not before heading over to catch Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock.

Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock

I’ve never been a big fan of either UFO nor Scorpions, but I did find myself really enjoy this show.

He put on a good show, and so did the rest of the band. It’s always a bit impressive to see influential musicians show some us some of their brains and soul. And the sing along on “Rock you like a Hurricane” and “Rock Bottom”… Gold!


After this, we headed directly over to the second stage to catch the last show for this festival: W.A.S.P.

Right before they started, they announced the band for next years festival which included Battle Beast, Dare and Hardcore Superstar. HCSS!


Despite never really considering myself THAT big of a fan of W.A.S.P, and despite having only one album with them, I have caught them live enough to learn pretty much all the songs they play live. Just as last night, the crowd kinda failed them. Not as much as yesterday, but less people than on Michael Schenker.

Like I’ve said the whole day, and will repeat now, it was a good show. Started out energetically with “On Your Knees” causing a major sing along, as with most W.A.S.P song.

In all honesty though, while it was good, it wasn’t anything extraordinary. It was the usual songs – “L.O.V.E. Machine”, “The Idol”, “Wild Child”, “I Wanna Be Somebody” and so on and so on. Short set for being a headliner, but then again, it’s always up to the band and I guess I shouldn’t complain, since I was a bit tired.

But despite all of this, it was the perfect ending of a pretty good festival.


After this we just went back to the tent to crash. We had to get up even earlier tomorrow, so in a way, it’s good they stopped early. And with that, this festival was over.

// Sara

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