Feels Like Love

So, the day started early. Like, at 7am. Snoozing ’til 8. Packing like manaiacs, tearing down the tent and hitting the car and getting out on the road to get to Skavsta airport. It was an interesting ride, especially at that point where we took the wrong way and ended up going THROUGH Stockholm rather than just pass it by.

But, we eventually made it there with a lot of time to spare, dropping Antoine off for this time and then I found myself the nearest gas-station to refill the car, buy a drinkyoghurt, go to ICA and pick up crisp and then started on what came to feel like the longest drive home ever.

I was more tired than I ever thought I was, and I had to stop twice in order to catch some fresh air and rest for a bit to avoid falling asleep. And when I finally made it home I more or less crashed in bed and stayed there for a while.

Thank you all, who were involved in the festival and thank you for making what it was! Maybe, just maybe, I will see you next year!

// Sara

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