The Chosen One

Spent the first half of the day cleaning and preparing for Antoine’s arrival, and the other half of the day with my other halves, Nathan and Michelle. We went and bought tacos and cooked and watched the full version of Mosterman while eating. It was a cry, laugh and screamfest deluxe.

For instance, we were about to show Nathan who Sophie was on the DVD, and ended up screaming like idiots because right infront of her, was Oscar Dronjak, you know, guitarist in HammerFall? Fucking insane.

And I also learned how afraid these two dorks are of spiders. I don’t mean to belittle anyone who is afraid, but it was ridiculous. I tried to take it out, but once I managed to catch it I accidentally set it free so… have fun with that!

The night continued on with a lot of talking and laughing, and eventually a car-ride home where I impersonated all the different personalities I can take on in different Lordi songs, leaving us all with sore stomachs and wide smiles.

I hate that he’s going home. Why is he going home?!

// Sara

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