Today I, again, spent half a day with Nathan and Michelle. He’s leaving tomorrow, so it’s kind of bittersweet, you know? We all ordered asian food and headed off to this pretty little stop-place for cars where we ate and laughed and played for a good hour or so, including Kocoum screams, Nathan throwing noodles as flies and me trying to do spins.

At one point we all jumped up on different stones and tried to summon Mr L with the help of my Bill Cipher necklace. Didn’t work. Shape before Boda Borg is good, too. We kept playing for a good hour before we decided to go back in order to get some candy, crisps and drinks and returned to the spot where we wrote filthy fanfics about Amen, OX, Mana and Nathan.

When the mosquitos became too much, we headed home and spent the last few hours talking shit about everything and nothing.

You know, it sure is something very very special when you meet those kind of people you have everything in common with, to the extent that you can do everything and nothing, saying anything and nothing and it all just fits, you know?

Gah, I sure don’t want him to leave.


// Sara

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