Seriously, this day has been so slow. Worked all night, and spent most of the day in bed. Working these kind of hours, sort of fucks up your routine you know? But it’s all gonna be cool seeing I will finally, after all this time have the long awaited The Sims weekend together with two of my good friends.

And it’s gonna be nice, for the record, to play The Sims again. It’s really been sooooo long since I actually played, mostly because of lack of time, so it’s gonna be real good to get back into the zone. If I for the life of me could even remember what the heck I had even planned to do with Anna.

Change careers, move house… yeah I think that was about it? It’s gonna be weird to start again, it’s always a little odd starting all over again when you haven’t played for a while. I really need to get myself some mandatory The Sims time from now on. To always play a little every week. I should do that.

But first: Work.

// Sara

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