The Huntmaster

Have spent most of the day running around. Tomorrow is D-day, the day I’ll leave for the land of waffles and rain again, Belgium. But not just Belgium, also Graspop Metal Meeting.

It’s gonna be real nice. I’m still a little unsure about some of the systems there, but I guess I will work it out eventually. Lets talk about the bands instead.

First of all, H.E.A.T. Five men of pure perfection, or well, their music are. Erik is such an entertainer, so despite seeing them… all the time this year, they’re one big reason.

But the biggest reason, all in all, must be the five piece band performing right after H.E.A.T.

Butcher Babies.

I really thought it’d take some time before I’d get to see this band live, and seeing them jump on the wagon for most of the European festivals, I was thrilled. And I cannot tell you guys enough how excited I am to see them.

Moving on to more obvious bands like KISS and Marilyn Manson as well as Korpiklaani, are also some of the band I’m excited to see even though they to this day may not count as a favorite.

And of course, the big two – Alice Cooper and SlipKnot.

SlipKnot… Do I even need to motivate? Or do you guys get it anyway? Okay good. And Alice… well. Alleysan is my housegod, and this is this years mandatory Alice show. God, it’s gonna be great.

Even though I’m stressed because of packing, I really can’t wait.

// Sara

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