Graspop Metal Meeting Day 1: Thursday

After a few ifs and buts and re-scheduled trips, it was time for me to head down under to Belgium for the third time this year, but this time there were no Amaranthe nor were there any Steel Panther. The occasion this time was no less than Graspop Metal Meeting.

Trip started early, already at 7 with the very best Swebus heading to Stockholm. Once in Stockholm a pitstop at Subway was mandatory before heading to the airport. Interestingly enough, gazing out the window on my way to Arlanda, I spotted a very familiar face walking down the street, which was no one less than Eric Rivers, guitarist of H.E.A.T. I was a little surprised, I wouldn’t expect to see him here, I thought he was on tour you know? But oh well.

Once at Arlanda, I checked it all in and got to my gate. I got pretty much on time – not too late, nor too soon. And while I sit there, looking at potential Graspop goers, five very familiar men walk into the lounge.

Erik Grönwall, Eric Rivers, Jona Tee, Crash, Jimmy Jay.

We are talking about the entire H.E.A.T. In my lounge. H.E.A.T is gonna be on the same plane as me. To Belgium. HOW OFTEN DOES THIS HAPPEN? Never.

Got to sit next to a sweet girl who had been to Sweden Rock, and we talked for a while. Also made friends with the older woman next to me, seriously, I’ve never been so social on a plane before. Holy shit.

Eventually we landed in Brussels, and after a few difficulties, me and some other swedes and other nationalities found the bus that would take us to Dessel and Gpop. The busride took a rough two hours, and after waiting in line for a long time to get my wristband I met up with Robert, and eventually Quentin who showed us the way to the camp.

Dumped my stuff and went with Robert to his camp and met up with some new people. Spent the rest of the evening talking about music, music and more music and travels and expectations.

Went back to my camp (with help from Robert haha) and set it up and got to sleep. All this travelling takes it’s toll, 14 hours is a bit.

// Sara

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