Today was a pirate kind of day, an Alestorm kind of day. For today’s pleasure, I blasted their 2011 album “Back Through Time“.

I haven’t to this day listened through this album, as it was a part of the big haul from Sweden Rock and it has taken me some time to go over that (because I also have to spend time listening to the bands I’ll be seeing on Graspop)

Without having heard “Sunset on the Golden Age”, I can say that this far “Back Through Time” has to be my favorite Alestorm album. Songs like “Sunk’n Norwegian”, “Shipwrecked”, “Back Through Time” and “Swashbuckled” (this one this one this one!) are just some of the perfect examples on better tunes on this one.

What really caught my attention, I must admit, with this one is how short it is. I managed to go over it about three, four times in a very short period of time (I have a schedule I have to be done within) which surprised me. But when you notice that one of their songs is seven seconds you aren’t all that surprised anymore…

But yeah. I’m not sure really what to add to this – it’s the same Alestorm as always, and always as enjoyable. Gives you that extra strength to climb all the stairs at 4 am in the morning.

// Sara

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