Back Through Time

Starting my second job this week, which means I will travel long distances on a bike every morning for a couple of hours. This is the perfect time to listen through albums properly, instead of picking out your favorite songs and leaving it at that. This day, partly as a preparation for Graspop I spent the first hour going through Butcher Babies catalogue, which consists of the ep “Uncovered” and the full-length “Goliath”. I think both albums are pretty decent. I’m not gonna sit here and praise either of them, because like with SlipKnot – the good songs are really good, and the bad songs are really… bad, in a way you could say. But to focus more on the good, starting with “Goliath” – “I Smell a Massacre“, “Goliath“, “In Denial” and “The Mirror Never Lies“, topped off by my personal favorite “Magnolia Blvd” are the better songs on the album. What all of these songs, for me, have combined is the perfect mixture of heavy/brutal-ness, melody as well as attitude in the singing. Seriously, “The Mirror Never Lies” is a song I could play… whenever. I should probably blast it when going to Boda Borg with our newbie, so he knows what he’s getting himself into.

Moving on to “Uncovered“… Well, first of all, it’s an EP so it ain’t a lot to take from. Most of the songs on these album seem to be on the theme of party. “Beerdrinkers, Hellraisers”, “Don’t Give a Fuck” etcetera…. None of these are my faves, I’m gonna head right for the two big for me – “They’re Coming To Take Me Away” is the first. For being Butcher Babies as we know them, it’s pretty melancholic in a way, but I just… They got it. Carla and Heidi makes it sound like they are possessed or something, which I assume is the core with the song, which is a cover of Napoleon XIV’s old song.

Second one is “Crazy Horses”, simply because it reminds me… no. Just kidding, what I really like about it is the guitarsolo. It’s, as Curt would put it, trippy. A little up and down haha, I don’t know how to properly explain it. But I can listen to the song only for that little part.

So yeah. Get prepared for a few of these in the future, or at least for the next few weeks. // Sara

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