Show Me Love

It’s a mere few days left before departure to Sweden Rock. And the stress is starting to come over me. Haven’t packed, haven’t planned what to wear, haven’t done this and that and this and that. Why do I always procrastinate, and do everything last minute?

I really need to adapt this little thing I once read – “If it takes less than two minutes, just do it”. Like filling my cellphone with money. Takes very little time. Why haven’t I done it? Because I’m a procrastinator, is what I do. If I made money on procrastination, I’d be rich.

But if we look away from all of this, I DID actually get myself, after all these years, and inflatable mattress. Finally. And a big one too. ALL THE SPACE MOTHERFUCKER.

I have a few more things I need to pick up – I saw this really convenient thing at the supermarket I NEED to have before Sweden Rock.

And a new foundation. Mine is literally empty. I have scratched out all the last things in it. But hey! I got some new wicked LED lights in my little cozy corner, so now I have a good place to read a book. Finally! That reminds me. Flashlights.

// Sara

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