J- Best Drummer of a band in your opinion

Again, I won’t be judging the skills too much per se, but again aim for my favorite drummer rather than the best in the world. When it comes to arguing about musicians, people will always have their own opinion, you know? Half of the world praises Joey Jordison, the speedball, and half of the world hates him. Half of the world loves Lars Ulrich, half hates him. No matter how you twist and turn, there will always be people who hate on it, so, therefore, I went with my favorite drummer in a band.

And it should come to no surprise to all of you, that that particular drummer is no one less than pet the destroyer, Kita.

Lordi i Göteborg 078

So this was essentially the only picture I had available close enough on this computer. Oh well.

So Kita. As most of you know, Kita has always been my favorite member of Lordi, or actually, perhaps not always. There was indeed a period where I didn’t have a favorite member at all, but then I saw him waving the sticks behind his kit after they had won the Eurovision Song Contest, and that’s when I fell in love with him, so to speak. He was so cute.

I’ve met him two times, in his monstrous disguise, first in 2006, which is pictured above. I already wrote about some of it when writing about OX, but seriously, it’s a fond memory. Both me and Lina were so scared, or shy perhaps, to walk up to them, and when Kita saw my shirt he started calling out for us to come over (and OX joined in as well when he saw Linas shirt). I kept staring at the floor being so shy, and when I was just about to crash right into OX, I was stopped by Kitas arm going around me. Thank god for that. He turned me around, told me he liked my shirt and then the picture was taken.

2009 was a little “slower”. I was the first to enter the backstage room, and Kita was already sitting there. Which scared me A LOT, haha. It went pretty fast from that – I got my shirt signed, a hug from him and a small chat.

Who would have thought, that when Paula and I went to Nosturi in 2010, that it’d be the last we ever saw of him? I don’t think anyone saw it coming at that point.

Yeah. Mana, and definitely Otus, may pass him skill-wise. But he’ll always be one of my first love’s, when it comes to loving musicians, and no skill, speedball or big drumset can ever come above that.

Thanks for all, pet the destroyer.

// Sara

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