Do you ever have that issue that you tell yourself you are only supposed to get a certain amount of shopping done, and then you end up doing a lot more than that? No one? Okay.

Basically, I went to Knastret to pick up two CD’s to finish off my pile before Sweden Rock, since I have some twisted idea in my head that I can’t separate a group of CD’s that are bought together, and I estimated that two more CD’s would fit in the pile before it was full. Said and done, I headed over to Knastret to pick up no more than two CD’s and left with…. three.

Typical, typical me. It’s just so hard, because I picked up one CD, then I found another one and then I realized I should I have checked that section and I found a CD there and I can’t say no to CD’s… so… Anyway. Here’s what I got.


Swedish metallers Dream Evil‘s third album “The Book of Heavy Metal“. I’ve actually been on the search for this one for AGES, and finally I found it! So happy. So despite missing two pieces of Dream Evil’s discography, I feel pretty content when it comes to that band. How awesome is that?


Misdemeanor‘s self titled debut album. Actually, this one of the “blind-dates” I do with records from time to time. With other words, when I pick up albums with bands I’m completely unfamiliar with. It turns out, after a bit of research, this five-piece female metal band is actually from Sweden, formed in 1994. A few EP’s was released prior to this album, which was release in 2002. I haven’t properly listened to it yet, but I like what I heard so far!


Lita Ford’s “Wicked Wonderland”, released in 2009. I’ve always thought over the years I was gonna get this, but never really got around to it. Lucky me I found it down in Knastret, and not just the album, but it happened to be the bonus tracks version. Lucky times!

Aside getting these few gems, a new bag and so on, I also met up with Anna and had a nice dinner talking about everything between heaven and hell. And hell, that is precisely what the buses here in town are. I’m not sure if it’s like this everywhere, or only here in Värmland/Karlstad, but they really have to complicate EVERYTHING. Couldn’t put money on my buscard so I very so kindly had to ask mum to come pick me up.

That’s what you get for not being able to purchase mobile tickets, I guess. Damn you, Karlstadsbuss and Värmlandstrafik!

// Sara

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