Beautiful Hell

Day has been filled with preparations for tomorrows outward journey to Haftersbol and hopefully the first things done for this summer. Seriously, I’m getting really pumped for this.

However, today I set out to some second hand store to see if I could find some of the last pieces of The Sims games I was missing out on, and not only did I find Superstar, I also found the “other” version of House Party (it’s only the cover that is different, nothing else). They had Hot Date as well, but I have already bidded on it on Tradera, so oh well.

wohooo 038

Guess who’s a happy panda! Else I’ve just been in the stable and now I’m sitting here listening to Adna’s new album “Run, Lucifer”. Soothing music, and much needed right now. With that said, I’m now gonna crawl into bed with my Sailor Moon manga. Sweet times.

// Sara

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