She Doesn’t Mind

Day has been slow. Spent most of it looking at things, planning things out, and after sitting at home being ridiculously bored, I headed over to Jennie’s, because hey, if I’m gonna sit and do nothing I might as well do it WITH someone, right?

So I headed over there, and brought my pink computer with me and now we’ve spent many many hours playing Neopets. You know that virtual game where you have a pet and possibly a petpet? Made for children ages like, 9?

Well, things heated up. We started Hasee Bounce, and that’s when shit got serious. Her neighbour must have thought we were killing each other when we yelled because we missed out on letters and valuable donuts. And don’t even get me started on Meerca Chase… Jesus Christ, these games sometimes.

And for the first time in many many years, we played Ice Cream Machine. When we were younger, we’d sit on MSN and play the game on the same time, and after every level we’d write what level we were on, how many points we had and how many lives we had. Only difference now was that we played the same level and didn’t write, but still updated each other on how many lives we had. And we cursed the Chocolate Chips level. That level EATS lives.

So yes. Grown up adults and all, being mad over Neopets games. But the Hasee’s are so cute, and my Blumaroo needs food you know.

// Sara

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