Run, Lucifer

So, yesterday we set off to Haftersbol to start some of the preparations for this summer. Of course, it started not only to rain, but also to snow. So after filling to big bags of leaves, we decided to go inside and start moving around some boxes. Which was easier said than done, as it was already so filled up we couldn’t really do what we already had planned.

Gladly, we managed to dig out the couch and the bed, and after that we lit abut 60 candles, because THAT IS HOW FREAKING COLD IT IS IN HERE. After about 6 hours, it started to heat up. Amazing.

While waiting for it all to heat up, we made pizza. Tastiest pizza ever. The plan is to continue on tomorrow if the weather allows us, and soon enough we’ll be able to throw out all the shit that is in here. Thank god.




// Sara

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