The Sims 4: Get To Work – Introducing Anna Arendelle

So! A long while ago Get To Work expansionpack for The Sims 4 got out to the world, and mostly because of lack of time and other endavours, it has taken all up ’til now until I could properly try it out.

At first. after installing and starting at all, I ended up in the new neighbourhood, before I realized it could be a bad idea and headed over to Oasis Springs instead. Now that I think about it, I really should have gone with Willow Creek, seeing that the Hale family ALSO lives in Oasis Springs. I thought the neighbourhood was a little too familiar, for being such a “new” game. Huh, I might have to think about wheter or not I should move her…

ANYWAY. I’m wondering away with my thoughts here. So, I chose Oasis Springs and made my first sim which I named Anna Arendelle. I moved her into a small house, and got started directly on one of the follow-to-work careers, more to be exact, scientist.

I’m just really starting out, so I’ll give you heads up about the journey as we go along, but I thought I should at least introduce you all to her!


// Sara

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