Today was pretty eventful day. Or perhaps not, what happened anyway was that Jennie and I traveled off to my late grandmas old summercottage. We have some plans to fix it up a bit, and then spend at least a week there this summer. So we got in the car, drove all the way up to Haftersbol, with a little difficulty, since it’s been quite some time since I was there. I was certain as hell that we’d miss the hill.

But we didn’t, and we got there. We walked around the place and looked on what we shall do with it and the property and what we want to have done. We sat down in the car to discuss all of this as it was quite windy, and before we knew it a little, or pretty big, hare jumped passed us. It was so cute.

Once we felt done for the day we went into Hagfors to enjoy a really good kebabroll and then heading home. Except we didn’t find home. Or we did, eventually, but we ended up taking the wrong route home, which is kinda weird because we had planned to stop by at Haftersbol… But you know, shit happens I guess haha!

But I really can’t wait to spend some quality time there this summer. It’ll be awesome.


// Sara

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